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Fancy as Fork Print
  • Fancy as Fork Print

    Printed on 300 g cotton paper, (30 x 42 cm)

    • Edition of 30
    • Numbered and signed by the artist
    • Prepared in 2023
      • Orders are processed in 1-2 business days. Orders placed on Saturday and/or Sunday will be processed until Monday or the next business day.

      • The shipping cost may vary even when the work has been purchased due to the conditions of the parcel to move the product. If so, a new purchase order will be generated with the remaining amount to be paid.

      • Preparation and shipping times may be delayed due to holidays and/or vacations.

      • In case of obtaining free shipping, the guide is sent Standard by parcel.

      • We cannot take responsibility in case there is no one who can receive the package. If the package is returned to the artist, the customer must pay the cost of reshipment.

      • In the event that the package does not match the address and the package is returned to the artist, the customer must pay for the cost of reshipment.

      • In case of bad weather, delivery times may be delayed by the parcel.

      • We are not financially responsible for lost or misdirected packages if the error was on the customer's part. 

      • Every work is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    • Fancy As Fork (the artwork in this print) is a charcoal drawing that focuses on the contemporary experience of a party. It is the appropriation of a moment that belongs to her grandparents, where she introduces the viewer to the table as a witnessing narrator. With bold strokes she composes streaks of speed in the hands of the omniscient character. She oscillates between the past and the present through figuration, taking up images from the photograph that become a personal moment between the observer and the characters. It composes a gestural scene of interpersonal and universal exchanges. It is a work in black and white that makes a parallelism between the past and the present through figuration. 

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