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Patricia Aguilera Inostrosa (b. 1994, Mexico) is a Mexican artist. Her work explores perception, color and sensation. Her painting generates an atmosphere through color. She approaches experiences of altered perception through painting and drawing. Color relationships create sensory atmospheres of mental images, thoughts, and hallucinations. Her work analyses the notion of experience and moods in perception. Working on both large and small scales, she extracts order from intense layers of color, revealing organic silhouettes. Through her paintings she captures the synthesis of her ideas and senses and transforms them into colorful abstractions. Patricia's work develops organically through the pictorial process.  The real content of her work is found through the process by which the form emerges. She tries to unite in painting a mixture between the imaginary and an objective moment that corresponds to her assimilated notion of her experience.

Patricia Aguilera holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Monterrey (UDEM) and a Certificate Program in Contemporary Art at the University of Central Saint Martins, London, England. She has exhibited her work at Espacio FAMA 2022 in F-A-M-A Monterrey, México, her painting series Una Realidad Imaginaria 2022 at Centro Roberto Garza Sada, Monterrey, México and has participated in Contemporáneas 2024, at Pinacoteca del Museo Histórico Casa del Cerro, Graphic Arts, Photography and Design Fair 2023 at Museo Arocena and Conexión Coyote: International Festival of Art, Music and Performance 2023 in Torreón, México.





BFA, University of Monterrey (UDEM). Monterrey, México.

Certificate Program in Contemporary Art, Central Saint Martins. London, England





Contemporáneas, Pinacoteca del Museo Histórico Casa del Cerro. Torreón, México.

Graphic Arts, Photography and Design Fair, Museo Arocena. Torreón, México.

Conexión Coyote: International Festival of Art, Music and Performance, Hotel Galicia. Torreón, México.

Una Realidad Imaginaría, Centro Roberto Garza Sada. Monterrey, México.


Espacio FAMA, F-A-M-A Monterrey. Monterrey, México.

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